The day we shot this, we actually shot two cosplayers, doing two different characters. However for this post you shall only see Princess Leia, because today is… the DAY! The day Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens sees the world for the first time. There will be a bunch of talk about it… I will be hiding away from my computer so that I will not see any big spoilers. In fact this is being written a head of time. I am writing you from the past!

I love working with JediManda, she always comes prepared and ready to go. It is a delight to work with such a professional. Plus, she is just so much fun!




Cosplayer, Full Costume Construction, and Makeup Application – JediManda (Facebook)

Inspiration/Designer: Star Wars?

Photography: Me / Photographs Humans (Facebook)

Assistant: BubblesGal0re (Another Cosplay Superstar!)

Shoot Date: August 29, 2015 @ 8 AM…again…. I am sooooo not a morning person, but the light is soooo pretty.




Gear Used (Are you noticing a trend…this rarely changes.)

Camera and Lens: Nikon D810, 2.8 24-70MM

Lighting: Cybersync Receivers and cordless transmitters. I kept this super simple with flashes on sticks, as Eric calls it. (Speed-lights mounted to light stands.)