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–Deadpool or as I like to call her “Bunnypool”-
Amazeballs Body Paint: Michelle Syfert Weis
Model: Rebecca Taylor Flint
Photography: Jami Guess / Photographs Humans
Shoot Date: April 4th, 2015

Fun Aside: These are the same ears made by Corey Elmore, used in the Alice in Wonderland shoot from 2010.

Super Girl • Concept Art Photography

A few weeks ago a local came over and we talked about her shooting a test shoot/application shoot for the Suicide Girls. They are a super alternative site with beautiful sexy women. Some of the images on the site are waaaaay out there. Further, then I would ever go. However we started talking about an on location shoot and then it melded into something theme-ish and fun.

I kept looking at her blue hair and awesome glasses and we came up with Super Girl. It was meant to be a hint of theme, just enough to be obvious and not scream SUPERMAN. Some images…especially with the undies are obvious….

Fun Fact #1 : They were boys undies, it is quite difficult to find cute Superman girl undies!

I decided to go with a newspaper background. I love texture and adore when it breaks the light. It took Husband and I about an hour to get the newspaper on the wall. We did our best to not have to many large text headlines or bold graphics right behind her head.  At first the side panels were more of a stage curtain and it was driving me nuts. I hated how it was effecting the light. So I moved it back and taped the edges to the existing newspaper on the wall. This made the wall bend forward, allowing for the contrast and shadowing with out making it have sharp vertical line shadows.

Fun Fact #2: The stool that shows up in a few images, has actually set outside at a farm for years. I didn’t want anything extremely shiny to reflect and take your eyes off the model. 

While shooting I went with dramatic lighting it was rare that I actually placed the light right in front of her. We also had to watch for the glasses leaving shadows and blocking the eyes.

I used a 24-70 2.8 to photograph this session. I rarely use anything else, unless I want the extreme shallow depth of field. For this is was a perfect lens. I also used the warping while zooming to make her 5foot frame look taller. I love her natural curves and tattoos, so we totally used these in our favor!

Super Girl • Photographs Humans

Super Girl • Photographs Humans

Model: A.Z.

Makeup & Hair Done by Becca Sturgeon

Set Styling: Photographs Humans

This is what the setup looked like. I blocked out my windows, so that I wouldn’t add light to the background. Also note the space heater! A warm client/model is a happy client/model.SuperGirl-BTS-CameraSetup

Superman is trademarked and owned by their respective people. I have nothing to do with the brand/trademark.