Malicious Cosplay and I first met while she was dressed as The Flash , yes the guy (gal in this case) wearing red, with a lighting bolt on the front.  She was dashing around the Louisville Comic Con. You could just feel her excitement and the fact that she could stand walking around in heels on concrete all day… Impressive!!!  Then, she was off to judge the costume contest. -Cons tend to be an extremely busy place.-

Shortly after the event, I received a message asking if I was interested in shooting what she called her No Flutter – Steampunk Cinderella-. Not knowing for sure what she meant,  I immediately went into geek mode and searched the interwebs. Thats when I realized she wanted me to to shoot one of the costumes she constructed that I was ALREADY in love with! I had seen photos of it and just BRAIN FARTED. Now that I know who the original artist/designer is, I immediately started following her online , and you should too!

FUN FACT: While the original art is titled “Steampunk Cinderella”, the artist also states that it is more Rococopunk…after some googling… I agree. I also now am in love with Rococopunk!

During our shoot we kept it super simple. Knowing the location well from a previous shoot,  I shot in an area that I knew would look very theme appropriate. Plus, we would not have to move around to much. I think most of the  shoot was done in a 60 foot radius, making use of the amazing architecture found at the Louisville Water Company Reservoir. When I edited the images I kept to the Rococopunk lightness that is seen traditionally in the actual clothing.


Steampunk Cinderella


Cosplayer, Full Costume Construction, and Makeup Application – Malicious Cosplay (Facebook)

Inspiration/Designer: No Flutter  (Facebook / Deviant Art)

Photography: Me / Photographs Humans (Facebook)

Location: Louisville Water Company Reservoir

Shoot Date: August 15, 2015 @ 8 AM… I am sooooo not a morning person.









Gear Used

Camera and Lens: Nikon D810, 2.8 24-70MM

Lighting: Cybersync Receivers and cordless transmitters. I kept this super simple with flashes on sticks, as Eric calls it. (Speed-lights mounted to light stands.)






Please Note Things will be posted here, out of order for a bit!


– Featuring  –

JediManda   as Princess Bubblegum


Bubblesgal0re/Rebecca Denfip   as Marceline


Photography by Jami Guess / Photographs Humans (

When your friend who does amazing cosplay messages you and ask if you want to do a “Princess Bubblegum and Marceline”, you say yes. Then ask what is “A Princess Bubblegum and Marceline”? I felt kind of stupid and told her and JediManda, that I would need some help with the character motivation and posing at first. At least until I had a direction and feeling for the series we were shooting.

After some pre-shoot discussion we feel into a more of a “Lifestyle”-ish concept. Of course day of, we did some pose-y shots. JediManda and Bubblesgal0re were fantastic to work with. We had lots of laughs and fun!


JediManda as Princess Bubblegum
Rebecca Denfip /Bubblesgal0re as Marceline




JediManda as Princess Bubblegum
Rebecca Denfip /Bubblesgal0re as Marceline


Note: My husband is my shoot assistant and afterwards he started watching Adventure Time, and now we are both sucked in and we LOVE IT!!!

Lighting – Photek 60″ and 46″ Softlighter II Umbrella  (Sometimes both)

Camera – Nikon d810 w/ 24-70 2.8

Location – My Living Room.

Editing – Lightroom and Photoshop

The Burning / Match Made in Hell / Fire Thingy

This shoot had so many different names. We just couldn’t land on one. We have changed the title at least once a month if not way more often.

Both models were fantastic when it came to working with the actual flash cotton. The flames coming from their hands are real! I think Chase may have had a mini addiction to Flash Cotton by the end of the day. It was quite adorable.

Clothes and Leather work:
Genna Yussman Greene

SFX Appliances and Application:
Corey Elmore

Jenna East
Chase Vancelette

Brandy Doyle

Photography: Photographs Humans

Published in Imperial Magazine.




Fun Fact: The images overlaid in to the background with bones and skulls were taken by myself in the Paris Catacombs.