This shoot has no real “Name”. I had bought this dress when I was at costume shop that was going out of business and fell in love with it. Brandy did an amazing job with flawless makeup and styling the wig.  Micah takes direction so well… it was a perfect little team.

MUA: Brandy Doyle
Photography : Jami Guess / Photographs Humans
Model: Micah GreenBeck
Shoot Date: 3-28-15


2015-Creme-Digital-Border 001 (Sheet 1)


2015-Creme-Digital-Border 002 (Sheet 2)



Nikon D810

Lighting: Photek 60″  Umbrella (BUY @ ) Photography Umbrella type Softbox 24″ x 36″ (BUY @

2,000 Freaking Petals… evil little petals that I am still finding in my home.


What was once the titled the “New Years Shoot” or “Alien-But like the Jetsons” or ” The Futuristic Thing We are Doing!”, finally became FUSION, when Genna randomly said “I like the name FUSION. And so it was…


Shoot Date: December 28th, 2014

Shoot Location: Louisville, KY


Photography By Photographs Humans /  Jami Guess


-Series Crew-

Genna Yussman Greene / Genna Yussman Costume & Fashion Design – Clothing Design and Construction, Wig Guru

Kali Schmuckie – Assistant in Garment Construction

Alexander Lane – Hat Design and Construction

Matt Goodlett  – Makeup Artist to Female Model(s)

Corey Elmore – Makeup Artist to David F.

-Series Models-

David Farsetti


Danielle Bartley

Caitlin Alexandra Clemons



•Model Featured in this Image is : David Farsetti •



•Model Featured in this Image is : Danielle Bartley •


Lighting – Photek 60″ or 46″ Softlighter II Umbrella  (Sometimes both)

Camera – Nikon d810 w/ 24-70 2.8

Location – My Living Room.

Editing – Lightroom and Photoshop

The Burning / Match Made in Hell / Fire Thingy

This shoot had so many different names. We just couldn’t land on one. We have changed the title at least once a month if not way more often.

Both models were fantastic when it came to working with the actual flash cotton. The flames coming from their hands are real! I think Chase may have had a mini addiction to Flash Cotton by the end of the day. It was quite adorable.

Clothes and Leather work:
Genna Yussman Greene

SFX Appliances and Application:
Corey Elmore

Jenna East
Chase Vancelette

Brandy Doyle

Photography: Photographs Humans

Published in Imperial Magazine.




Fun Fact: The images overlaid in to the background with bones and skulls were taken by myself in the Paris Catacombs.


Awhile back I was wanting to go super simple and basic. I posted online that I wanted subjects to show up in black undergarments and white shirts. Some came with ideas, other showed up. It was perfect. I wanted to shoot quick. No more then 30 minutes shooting or 45 minutes in and out the door.

I have had to hold so many shoots for publication and well, now I can start sharing everything!






I am so bad with dates, I had to go back and figure out when I shot these. It was in early 2011! This originated with a friend who basically said, “Hey, You want to shoot where all the old Vegas signs are!?!”, and went from there. I had no clue how popular it was to shoot there.

We spend a good portion of the day having hair and makeup done by the amazing Sabrina Tannehill. She was a hoot and did a fabulous job! Her husband, Will,  was also an amazing assistant/helper. I think we all were mutually amused by his antics.

Kelsi, my model,  was a super trouper too. I had styled the outfit. I found the most amazing dress with a pink plaid skirt, but it was in a size 12. Kelsi… is/was no where near a 12. However I kept thinking it was to much plaid… Then it came to me. A corset over it! It would require no stitch work and would fit her no matter what. Kelsi was in Vegas, I was in Louisville, Kentucky, there was no way I could go and do a fitting before hand.

Vegas Tip: Check out how much a limo vs cab, would cost. In out instance it was much cheaper to use a limo, then it was to get two cab and have them wait for us.

Once we got there and realized we would have a “Keeper” with us, watching myself and another photographer shoot.

Imagine going to a location and being told you can not touch anything and had your own personal “Keeper” to follow you around. However, we made sure to rock it with out touching anything.

I got nervous. I had no intentions of doing anything inappropriate, but I hate being WATCHED! It is the whole, Why are you looking over my shoulder??!??!, thing.  It makes me super nervous, like I am on stage. I hate being in front of people on show. I felt like I was in a cage being watched at a zoo. However, Will managed to work out a simple way of telling me when our Keeper was near by, since the Keeper was watching over us both. It helped me relax.

We ended up with a bit over an hour to shoot. When scheduling we had gotten super lucky to be able to shoot at dusk.





It is Cold…It was Cold.

This is an off shoot of J.Guess Photography, where you can view and enjoy the other side…specifically my Concept Art Images and hear more about the actual shoots. From this point forward anything labeled “From The Vault” will be work shot under my previous name and re-released. I feel more comfortable telling stories about art shoots, then I do about my weddings. Weddings are about the clients, it is their day. I photograph it as it is and am there to capture the story, not make the story.

These are stories I have collaborated with other people and have/will bring to life. If your actually reading this at this point, I am impressed. I am not the best writer in the world, in fact I tend to write as I type. In your head just think of this as a 12 year old ADHD child…and you will be on the right path.



For this first Series from the Vault I am bringing out a shoot I completely styled myself. Catherine Jones did an amazing job with Hair and Makeup, sooooo much fake hair had to be purchased for this. It was insane!

Husband helped me greatly as always. He is my main lighting guru, aka he pushes buttons when I tell him too.

The house, at the time, belonged to a friend on mine and we had permission to use the property.

Our mantra for this shoot (I had shot there one other time.) was “Do NOT fall through the floor”. If I remember it was April of  2010 and it had started warming up, I was afraid we may get to meet some raccoons.

Leafy (AKA Oletha Dawn) was our model…she humored me so much. I am grateful to work with so many wonderful people.  Model: Oletha Dawn Reel Makeup & Hair: Catherine Jones  Lighting: Husband April 2010
Model: Oletha Dawn Reel
Makeup & Hair: Catherine Jones
Lighting: Husband
April 2010

Techy Stuff: Most shots were with a single umbrella modified light that day, some did have a second light in the background. • Model: Oletha Dawn Reel • Makeup & Hair: Catherine Jones • Lighting: Husband • April 2010