This shoot has no real “Name”. I had bought this dress when I was at costume shop that was going out of business and fell in love with it. Brandy did an amazing job with flawless makeup and styling the wig.  Micah takes direction so well… it was a perfect little team.

MUA: Brandy Doyle
Photography : Jami Guess / Photographs Humans
Model: Micah GreenBeck
Shoot Date: 3-28-15


2015-Creme-Digital-Border 001 (Sheet 1)


2015-Creme-Digital-Border 002 (Sheet 2)



Nikon D810

Lighting: Photek 60″  Umbrella (BUY @ ) Photography Umbrella type Softbox 24″ x 36″ (BUY @

2,000 Freaking Petals… evil little petals that I am still finding in my home.